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    Concrete Foundation Repair In Columbus

    Your home's foundation is not a trivial matter. Without it, your house may collapse and be rendered uninhabitable. To ensure that this does not happen to you or anyone else in the future, please make sure your construction team takes great care with foundational matters during their work on any project they construct for you!

    Concrete Contractors of Columbus has many years’ experience with every facet of constructing buildings; they know exactly what it takes for a building or home to be soundly built and structurally sturdy through their process which includes careful consideration given at all stages including the last few crucial ones such as pre-treating surfaces before pouring concrete, understanding how different weather conditions affect different parts throughout this phase, etcetera.

    We understand a foundation problem is one of the worst things that can happen to your structure. For this, we do all we can get you the best concrete foundations repair at reasonable prices no matter what type of foundation you select for your home.

    T-Shaped Foundations

    When it comes time for construction, we need a solid base before any other additions are made and there isn't anything better than our company's tried and true methods!

    The footing for the T-shaped foundation will be made broader than the walls that are to support it. The reason is simple: while a wall may not seem too heavy, its weight becomes more difficult when multiplied by four corners of one side and two corners on each other end. If this isn't taken into account in advance then there's no way to compensate later without doing significant structural work after construction has begun - which would require digging up half or all of your newly poured concrete slab!

    There are a number of foundation options, but many homeowners choose concrete foundations. This is because they provide the most structural stability and durability over time as well as adding significant value to your investment. First we can pour slab in between the walls for you, then install rebar if necessary which provides additional strength like steel would do under load bearing walls. For more information on T-shaped concrete or retaining wall or driveway install designs contact us today!

    The foundation will be made on a slab-on-grade basis. This is the best type of foundation for areas where it doesn't freeze during winter and you can just walk around in your slippers!

    Concrete slabs are typically several inches thick and reinforced with reinforcing rods at the edges to ensure their strength.

    Caution is key when pouring a slab. The ground must be prepared before the concrete will go down, and this includes crushing gravel to keep it from cracking or deteriorating over time. But while you're making sure that everything's in place for your foundation, don't forget about the cast wire mesh--it'll ensure stability in case something goes wrong with one of those other steps along the way!


    The frost-protected foundation is a great way to keep your building's footing from freezing and breaking. This type of foundation keeps the ground at higher temperatures than what it would be otherwise, which in turn prevents any potential damage that could happen with an unprotected footer.

    Similar to the ice cubes in your refrigerator, you can use two layers of polystyrene sheets as insulation for a foundation. The first layer goes down before pouring the slab and another will be placed on top when it's time.

    The foundation of a building is the most important part, so architects have to be careful when designing it. The slab-on-grade type was designed for areas that get iced over in wintertime, with an atypical design and structure to keep everyone safe year round!

    Foundation Durability

    We're committed to giving you nothing but top notch service from start to finish when it comes to laying down a foundation: whether that's mixing up just enough cement mix, determining which machine will be best suited for different phases (such as using an oscillating trowel during post curing), checking out other aspects like drainage systems--we've got this covered!

    Every stage of the project goes through expert planning and has workers with years of experience who have various work sets on hand to ensure that your foundation is as high quality as possible.